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Factors to Consider When Searching for the Cheapest Way to Ship Packages to U. S

The best way to ship packages to the US is one of the biggest questions that business owners keep on searching for its answer. The size of the package, the distance to be covered and the special handling of the package is what dictates how expensive or cheap the shipment services will be. It’s imperative that you search for the shipping way that will be fit for you. This page has more hints on what you need to do to ship packages within your budget.

To begin with, let’s consider the over 2lbs ground delivery. FedEx and UPS are the only two methods that are used to ship packages that are over 2lbs in weight underground. The FedEx is the cheapest way to ship your package if it’s above 2lbs. The dimensional weight will make the two options to be expensive if the package will call for the dimensional weight measurement. Something else that you need to know is that the calculation for the dimensional weight between this companies is different. When it comes to dimensional charges the USPS will be the cheapest but you have to make sure that you use small boxes for packaging.

Consider delivery for the package below 2lbs. In case your package weighs below 2lbs then you should consider the USPS since it the one with lower charges for the package of less weight.

Thirdly, its flat rates. If you consider the USPS priority mail for your package delivery that is within 70lbs you will be charged a flat rate and within the duration of 1 to 3 days. With the other companies, the same package takes a bit longer to be delivered and also the flat rate expires for the package that is up to 50lbs if you choose the FedEx while for the case of the UPS not flat rate that exists hence making the USPS the cheapest way for you.

The other thing to mind about is if you want the next day delivery services. The USPS the cheapest delivering company for the next day services. In case you go for this option you should be sure that the customers will not their packages immediately. The USPS can charge you more for the overnight service although you can be assured of money refund is the package doesn’t get delivered in the expected time frame. You can consider FedEx or UPS for costly but sure delivery services.

The other cheapest way to ship boxes to another state includes negotiating, discounts your packaging, the distance and other additional benefits which you should look with each of the options to see which is the best than the other.

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