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Facts on Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is a top cause of accidents on the roads. For that reason, law enforcers are coming up with stringent regulations to curb the rate of DUI accidents and imposing severe penalties on offenders. Due to the stringent laws and penalties on drunk driving, studies show that the number of fatalities has significantly reduced in the past few years although it is still a significant concern because it is leading cause of death on the roads. On the other hand, a lot of victims of drunk driving are not conversant with their rights when the accidents happen. There is a lot of confusion in such circumstances, and the victims cannot comprehend the best moves to make but learn a few things about drunk driving can shed some light.

Alcohol affects the functioning of the central nervous system, and thus, it adversely affects the operations of the brain, memory, and movements. When drunk, it would be risky to operate any machinery including vehicles. As you take more alcohol, its impact on your body increases. In most states, a Breathalyzer is a gadget used to measure the blood alcohol concentration in the body. Some of the most common characteristics of drunk driving might include; negotiating wide turns, swerving and erratically braking without any sign.

The investigations of drunk driving accident can commence at the scene or when the suspect is in custody. Suppose the blood alcohol concentration of the driver is above the set limit, then he is liable for punishment. Further, they will check to know if there were any casualties and if there was none, you will be released on bail pending trial after you are sober. Possible punishment, if there were no injuries, would include cancellation of driving license for a specified duration, rehabilitation or installing a Breathalyzer in the car which must measure your sobriety level before you start driving.

If there were casualties during the DUI accident, then you should expect tough penalties. Suppose you are the only one injured, you will be charged with usual DUI, but if there is another casualty such as a pedestrian or motorist, the charge will be DUI causing injury. If there were fatalities, then the following charges would be possible; vehicular manslaughter, gross vehicular manslaughter or DUI murder and that depends on the prosecutor’s assessment of the situation.

You will obviously be punished for a DUI accident, but the severity of the accident will depend on whether there was property damage, injuries or deaths. Different sentences are available for DUI offense, and they might be minor or major. Depending on the accident, your insurance company might choose to cover it or not, and that is determined by the type of insurance and the policy. Some insurance companies might argue that DUI accident is intentional and thus, fail to compensate you.