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How to Pick the Best Quality Hay for Your Bunnies

It is a fact that is beyond any contravention that when it comes to rabbit feeds and diets, hay happens to be one of the most important parts of their foods as a matter of fact. Where you happen to find your buns such high quality hay, you get them essentially a feed that is not only rich in fiber to keep them satisfied for long but as well highly delicious.

Generally speaking, the Timothy hay has for long been regarded as the top choice feed for rabbits but this is no statement to mean that the alfalfa hay is a lesser choice for it is equally highly healthy feed for buns. Given these facts, it is as such quite apparent that you may already be feeling confused as to how to choose the best quality hay for your rabbits.

In case you happen to be so feeling lost as to how to choose the best kind of hay for your rabbits up to this point, no need to despair as this post will outline some of the basics you need to know of about these two kinds of hay products to enable you make the most informed decision going forward.

By and large, Timothy hay has for long topped the list of priority for hay for many rabbit keepers for the facts behind its nutritional composition which makes it be seen as the “gold standard” of nutrition. Talking of this hay type, the Timothy hay, it comes of three variations and cuttings and these are such as the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd cuttings and they all have their unique benefits as a matter of fact. See here for more on some of the unique features that does come with the various kinds and cuttings of the Timothy hay. Having said all this, you need to know of the fact when you happen to have settled for the best and highest quality timothy hay, you will have such feeds that will make a whole lot of a difference in so far as your bunny’s health goes. Looking at the alternatives there are, know of the fact that there are lots of others and one that we will narrow on here is the alfalfa hay and this is generally what there is to be known when it comes to the alfalfa hay.

Generally, for one reason or another as may be in case of some health concern or for some kinds of picky rabbits, where one may want to consider alfalfa hay for them. This said and done, there are some things that you need to take into consideration altogether when it comes to the alfalfa hay for your rabbits. Alfalfa happens to be so rich in protein and calcium which makes it so ideal for younger rabbits or for the need to help them add weight where the case is so.

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